27 - 30 March, 2017
Radisson Blu Cebu, Philippines

Pre-Conference Ferry Tour - 27th March, Monday

9:00 - 12:00 Tips for Boosting Operational Quality Aboard Fastcat’s Newest Cebu-Bohol Route

On this exclusive tour, hear strategies to improve your vessel and crew management, while traversing this scenic journey on one of the Philippines' only catamaran RoRo ferries! Feel fi rsthand the difference in speed, comfort and stability while you learn FastCat’s strategies to:
  • Overcome challenges in stability and safety with prudent vessel design
  • Sustain long-term vessel performance and efficiency
  • Deliver reliable, secure ferry services with personalized customer care
  • Build strong, lasting ties with partner suppliers, customers and employees

Departing from the port of Cebu, the one-year-old M11 FastCat Ferry will carry you to the highly popular island of Tubigon, Bohol. Besides pristine beaches and stunning diving views of marine life, Bohol is also famous for its unusual rolling terrain of over 1,500 dome-shaped 'Chocolate Hills' that have been proposed for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

On this landmark route, get to know your soon-to-be summit co-delegates in the premium comfort of business class, with the breeze in your hair aboard the sun-deck or at the in-house cafeteria! Also available on board are Wi-Fi services, LCD television, and a dedicated music lounge.


As part of the APFC’s fl eet of newly-arrived vessels, the M11 is one of 20 Ro-Ro catamarans commissioned in a major move to modernize ferries
serving the Philippines’ public. The opening of this major route in Dec 2016 marks the completion of young, cutting-edge vessels plying every major route along the Philippine Nautical Highway System – otherwise known as the RoRo System. This interconnected web of roads, maritime routes and ports, earmarked by the government to form the backbone of vehicle transport in the Philippines, opened in 2003 to be served by multiple operators in a competitive market. But since then, the RoRo System has been plagued by route monopoly, slow service, poorly maintained aged vessels and inequitable pricing. Disrupting this space is the APFC and its mission to connect every Philippine island and neighboring countries. With its new fleet of doublehulled catamaran vessels custom-designed to suit Philippine’s water conditions, the APFC is aligning itself with the government’s aim of modernizing the transport industry, and challenging the status quo in every aspect of passenger safety, comfort, convenience and connectivity.