27 - 30 March, 2017
Radisson Blu Cebu, Philippines

Mr Apichone Chayopas

Business Development Director
Raja Ferry Port

8:00 Capturing Full Business Potential with Dynamic Partnerships & Integrated Digital Services at Raja Ferry Port

Over the past 34 years, Raja Ferry Port has expanded from a small ferry operator to to a stock exchange listed owner of a private wharf. Today, it owns 2 of Thailand’s highest-traffic ports, Donsak and Koh Samui, and its ferries additionally ply the Koh Phangan port. What critical decisions contributed to this phenomenal transformation, and what are future plans? Hear directly from Raja Ferry Port’s Head of Business Development in this session.

  • How does integrating ferry services with port management help Raja Ferry Port sustain its position at the forefront of Thailand’s ferry industry?
  • Eradicating travel bottlenecks with smart booking management systems and unifi ed seaair travel connectivity
  • More than a ferry service: Enhancing travel with fast, high-quality quayside F&B for a premium tourist experience
  • Standing out from the rest: How does evolving into a complete solution for vessel owners via maintenance and repair services and spare parts warehousing expand Raja Ferry Port’s business?

16:15 [Panel Discussion] How Can B2B & Public-Private Partnerships Drive Innovation in Asia’s Ferry Industry?

  • Strengthening relationships between ferry operators and flag-state control authorities for greater maritime integration and productive debate
  • Propelling industry-wide progress through collaborative support in financing, legislation and ferry operations
  • Working with the harbormaster: Improving port/terminal management for greater passenger safety and transit efficiency
  • Scalability, affordability and regulatory climates: Debating the critical considerations in transferring lessons and solutions from the developed world to ASEAN ferries

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Apichone.

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